This brilliant book is filled with inspirational stories from misunderstood entrepreneurs who took the leap to follow their dreams.  It offers hope, first and foremost, to those who read it, in knowing that they are not alone in the challenges they may be facing.

Congratulations on the book! I read your chapter at the weekend. And wow, what a story! So interesting, and inspiring. I’ve written my thoughts below for you.
Your story is pretty incredible, Sarah. I’m amazed and not amazed at the same time. I’m amazed because you’ve been through so much and achieved amazing things in the face of huge challenges. But also not amazed because you have so much strength, resilience, positivity and energy. All of that comes through in your coaching and the perspective you give me. It’s pretty powerful. And I can imagine that’s how you’ve coached yourself to keep striving for what you want – making progress, making tough decisions and ultimately making the life you want. You are a shining inspiration, Sarah. I’ll soon be reading the rest of the stories in the book for more inspiration. – Grace Holland
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‘Shining a Light on You’ encourages you to focus on your talents and passions, and to explore what makes your heart sing. It takes a unique, holistic approach to the career path that will enable you to change your approach to work forever by viewing your career moves with a completely different mindset.

A wonderful take on manifesting your job / career, combined with the power of coaching and practical tips.
I highly recommend this for anybody who is feeling stuck in a job they don’t enjoy, or finds themself at a career crossroads. This is more than just a book, it’s an opportunity to manifest your heart’s desire. Sara’s warm and friendly style makes this book so easy to read. The exercises and techniques make this book worth the investment of your time, money and energy.