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My Dad Thinks I'm A Fairy: Inspired stories by misunderstood entrepreneurs who took the leap and followed their dreams.


Filled with inspirational stories from misunderstood entrepreneurs who took the leap to follow their dreams.

Shining a Light on you career coaching book by Sarah J Naylor


Sarah J Naylor’s insightful and practical guide to helping you find your purpose and manifesting your DREAM job.

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“Sarah not only pointed me in the direction I really wanted in life but has continued to support me throughout the massive amount of success I am now experiencing thanks to our sessions together. I would not be where I am now without her guidance. If you are looking at changing not just your career, but your whole life and outlook, then Sarah J Naylor is essential in helping you start and/or continue that journey.”

ROB BEERS, England Athletics Event Performance Coach, Rob Beers Coaching & Fitness