Well, helloooo, and welcome!

I’m Sarah J Naylor – aka The Norfolk Coastal Coach.
I love the POWER and ENERGY of the sea, don’t you?

The sea fills me with the ‘good stuff’. It energises and uplifts me, it blows away the cobwebs, it de-frazzles me, it ALWAYS lifts my spirits, and it raises my vibrational frequency. It’s awesome for my overall wellbeing.  Which is why I know it’s beneficial for you too.

Whether you’re a stressed-out exec, business owner, working in entertainment, or facing personal or professional challenges, my Walk and Talk coaching sessions along the gorgeous north Norfolk coastline are made for you.

They help you to relax, recharge, reset, and realign your sense of wellbeing, instantly taking you from Frazzled to Focused.

Wide open spaces, beautiful beaches, coastline, woodland, ancient clifftops, adding magical stuff to the energy you’ll already gain from my uplifting and transformational coaching sessions.

Walk and Talk sessions can take place anywhere between Snettisham and Wells next the Sea, and beyond, if required.

Walking at your pace, and incorporating a range of tools, techniques, and holistic therapies (breathwork, meditation, yoga, journaling, visualisation, etc), you’re guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed and re-energised, with a spring in your step and some much needed ‘sass in your ass’, too.

From an hour to VIP Days, you can select which works best for you.


  • Detox as you Walk and Talk … emptying your head allows you to gain clarity and focus, which then helps you to plan and facilitate changes to manifest your desired outcome(s).

  • Feeling the sea breeze against your face, fresh air in your lungs, exercising your legs and getting your body moving leaves you feeling thoroughly invigorated.

  • Escape for a few hours … getting away from the office, screens, and devices, the myriad of demands on your time isn’t selfish – it’s SELF-CARE at its best.

Walk and Talk sessions are perfect for:

  • Your personal health and wellbeing, which will benefit all those around you too.

  • Navigating your journey through life, both personally and professionally.

  • Escaping and doing things differently.  Expecting the unexpected. Creating new ways of doing things.  Changing your perspective and state of mind, raising your energy and invigorating you in the process.

  • Working on mindset and confidence, increasing self-awareness, embracing mindfulness, appreciation and gratitude, whilst taking in the quantum and spiritual too.  You’re in for one heck of ride, so buckle up!

What can I help you achieve though?

  • Life changes: restarting your life post-divorce or relationship breakdown, or any other big shift.

  • Careers: whether you’re at a crossroads, you’ve been made redundant, or you want a complete career change.  Having spent 36 years in recruitment, helping 1000s of others, I am well placed to help you too.

  • Discovering YOU: helping you fully embrace, and love, your true authentic self.

  • The Personal & Professional: both are intertwined; I can help you navigate all areas of your life, from relationships to careers and everything in between that will enable you to live your happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest life yet.


From an hour to a full day, you can select which works best for you.

Pebbles: £125.00

A quick blast … around an hour to empty your head, detox your mind and leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated, and raring to go.

Sandpits: £350.00

Want to escape for longer and thrash through more stuff?

We’ll Walk & Talk for around 3 hours and grab a bite to eat along the way.  We may even be able to pull in a stunning sunrise or sunset.  You will have more time to explore and work on all that you want to achieve, discussing options, solutions, and so much more.

Seashores: £700.00

Invest fully in yourself and book a full VIP Day, giving you the chance to get away from it all and spend the day with me along the glorious north Norfolk coastline.  Typically, 6 hours.

In addition to the above, the extra hours will help you gain clarity and focus and facilitate your desired outcomes using a wide range of tools and techniques. We’ll also have time for some meditation, journaling, breathwork, visualisation, simple yoga moves, and more. It all depends upon you.

From Frazzled to Focused with some magical sea air!

💙 All sessions are bespoke.  I work organically, and holistically to ensure that you benefit from your time with me.  For online sessions or longer coaching packages you can find details HERE.

Let’s talk: find out more by booking your free chat below, or simply call me on 07743 164170.

Why me?

My driving passion and focus is to enable you to live your happiest, healthiest, and best life ever.  It’s at the heart of all that I do and is the reason I love coaching so much.

I’m mindful of your wellbeing.  I encourage you to question your current thinking patterns and explore new options.  I’m an advocate of unconventional learning approaches, cultivating creativity and curiosity through playfulness. I love to laugh. I laugh a lot. And I am not afraid to laugh at myself. I inject this sense of fun into my daily life and by default into my coaching sessions too.

In fact, if you’re after a formal, deadpan coach then I’m not for you!

Put simply, I can apply my abundance of enthusiasm and energy to encourage you to embrace the transformational changes that you can make to live your best life yet.

With a raft of life and career changes under my own belt (divorce, singledom, entrepreneurship, business ownership, broken relationships, narcissism are some of the ‘highlights’, in addition to a 36-year career in recruitment), I am well placed to help you navigate your journey. I draw from the wisdom I’ve gained from my life experiences as well as from my professional coaching toolbox.

My client base is diverse; from individual entrepreneurs and creatives to high-performing business leaders who work at board level, all from a range of sectors and industries.

Their commonality?  They all love working with me because I can help them transform their lives, personally and professionally, and they laugh loads along the way too.

Are we the right fit?

Book a FREE Discovery Call TODAY and find out. It’s vitally important that you work with the right coach – when you do the magic happens.

Need a bit more info about me first?

Check out the following:  Harnessing Happiness (my podcast), Shining a Light on You, How to Manifest Your Dream Job (my book), The Norfolk Coastal Coach Facebook group, my LinkedIn profile and my blog.  Or simply grab your mobile and call me on 07743 164170

Why Norfolk?

Having lived all my life, landlocked in Nottinghamshire I was ready to ESCAPE and living by the coast was at the top of my agenda.  When I met my partner Gareth at the end of the summer of 2020, we started spending a lot of time in Norfolk, and made it our mission to relocate because we loved it so much.  It has everything that we both love, the sea, beautiful trails for walking and running, country roads for bike riding, and an easy journey back to Nottingham to visit family.

We settled in Snettisham in late 2023 and have not looked back! It’s perfectly located, just 2.5 miles from the seashore and very close to so many amazing beaches, woodland, and country estates.

We LOVE living by the coast!

We’ve changed our lives – do you want to change yours?

Everything is possible – you can create your new reality if you choose to do so.

Get in touch with me today: hello@sarahjnaylor.com or call me on 07743 164170

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