Harnessing Happiness with Sarah J Naylor

Harnessing Happiness with Sarah J Naylor is an upbeat, energetic, and inspiring podcast filled with joy and laughter, wisdom, philosophies, and positive psychology.

Sarah is naturally engaging, her energy infectious, and whether she is sharing her musings and rambles about life in general, or having insightful discussions with her guests, as you tune in and listen your energy levels will raise, a smile will spread across your face as your inner happiness is harnessed.a

APE – Acceptance, Perspective, Energy | A Mindset & Philosophy For Your Happiest Life

Sarah introduces for the first time her APE Mindset & Philosophy for Your Happiest Life to members of the Catena network.

Understand how the key components of Acceptance, Perspective and Energy play their part and how by adopting this mindset and embracing the philosophy behind it you can live your happiest life.

Marketing Made Easy from Get Savvy Club | Bag Your Dream Job with Sarah Naylor

On this weeks guest episode of Marketing Made Easy from Get Savvy Club, Anita Baldwin & Anna Geary interview Career & Transformation Coach Sarah J Naylor.

Author of Shining a Light on You- Manifesting Your DREAM Job, Sarah talks about attracting the perfect job for you and your life.

They discuss how manifesting isn’t about daydreaming but going through a process of working out what you want & taking the right action to get you there.

Surviving Lockdown | An Essential Business Podcast from Mark Ryes Voiceover

The coronavirus pandemic has presented challenges to everyone across all industries, and the recruitment sector is no exception. Sarah Naylor, MD of Naylor George Recruitment discusses the silver linings (yes, there are plenty!) of lockdown – how to stay motivated with job uncertainty at an all-time high, and how to embrace the opportunities now available, which may include manifesting your dream job. There’s never been a better time!

How to Manifest Your Dream Job with Sarah J Naylor | Hosted by Chris Cooper

 Are you fed up of just doing a job to earn money? Do you want to make your next career move a really positive one? During this interview our conversation will help you to land your dream job by focusing on your talents and passions.  Join us if getting the right next career move is important or share and help anyone in your network who is on that journey right now!

The Best You Expo | Wealth and Riches

Watch my insightful and transformative workshop, recorded at The Best You Expo, and discover how you can identify and cultivate your core values and passions so that you can find work that brings personal fulfillment and live a wholehearted and deeply felt life.