Wowzer! 15 Park Runs completed already. It’s amazing how the quickly they seem to clock up – which is great as I still have another 35 to go to reach my target of 50 during 2019. I’m hoping that it will be achievable although this month I will miss two due to other commitments. But hey, it doesn’t matter, as it’s a goal I’m working towards and however many I do end up completing, having the target in place is incredibly motivational!

My increased level of activity – as well as running, I have made a habit of walking to work as much as possible, and I’ve recently bought a Fitbit to track my steps to further motivate me – has, however, led to a few niggles.

The trainers I’ve been running in for the last 3 years or so, whilst Asics – a decent brand – were ones I’d bought in TK Maxx. I love a bargain, and I do confess to buying them for their appealing price and colour. They have served me well, but I realised that I really needed to get some new trainers and have them properly fitted to prevent any further injury.

I may be somewhat late to the party on this one, but wow, what a difference a pair of properly fitted trainers makes!  I went to Running Fox in Loughborough, resulting in fantastic customer service and some super comfortable trainers (they’re like slippers to be honest!) that are right for my feet.

I had my gait measured and tried various trainers on in different widths (who knew trainers came in widths?!) and sizes, and ended up with the ones in the photo. They are half a size larger than I would have bought ‘off the shelf’, wider and with arch support. They feel great! Here’s hoping they’ll improve my PB!

Slowly, slowly I’m improving and getting the right gear to help me to do so. I’ve really got the Park Run bug – for many reasons:

  • It’s a great start to the weekend and brings a real sense of achievement
  • You’re out in the fresh air surrounded by nature which is so good for the soul
  • You get to meet like-minded people, socialise and make new friends
  • It’s free! You can walk, run, take children, dogs and have fun! Last time, there were 2 people running in dog costumes doing a practice run for a charity run they’re doing for guide dogs for the blind!
  • And if you don’t want to run, you can volunteer as a marshal. The marshals are really great at all they do and cheer us all on, which is greatly appreciated!


Top tips

Work towards goals in bite-sized chunks to make them manageable / achievable.

Congratulate yourself for what you’ve achieved.

It’s so easy to keep looking to do more rather focus on what you’ve done already! I’m guilty of it myself! So, check in with yourself and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!