Getting Inspired Improves My Health 

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Old Hunstanton beach - perfect for Walk & Talk coaching Getting Inspired There really is inspiration all around us if we’re open to receiving the messages that are constantly being sent.  All too often we can get far too busy to see them though. One of my lovely friends posted on social media [...]

Coaching … My Journey of Changes & Challenges

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Sarah J Naylor, The Norfolk Coastal Coach Personal, Professional and Life I've been contemplating my personal & professional coaching journey and thought it would be timely to share some more detail in a blog. This week I've spent a good chunk of time finalising the content for my next Insight Timer course, Embrace Change [...]

Watch Out – The Armchair Warriors Are Out & About!

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Dealing with Stuff Builds Confidence & Resilience Star Quality Coaching is powerful stuff and I regularly turn the tables on myself to increase my own Confidence  & Resilience Training via the lessons life throws at me. I love creating and sharing content and it might, or might not, be to your taste, and [...]

Walking My Talk | Shifting My Perspective

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The Norfolk Coastal Coach in Brighton - Loving All Coastlines! Perspective is Everything I love working as a coach, creating content, and sharing the wisdom I’ve gained in a myriad of ways; work, training, personal development and reading, life and more. However, whilst I share to help others, I also continually work on [...]

Exciting Times – Learning from Life & Going Live

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Sarah J Naylor, The Norfolk Coastal Coach - excited to be a published teacher on Insight Timer Exciting Times I'm absolutely thrilled right now that the audio / abridged version of my Manifest Your Dream Job course has now been published and is live over on Insight Timer. Exciting stuff. It has been [...]

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