Navigating Changes, Personally & Professionally

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Beatles Ashram, Rishikesh, India Changes at 50 Nine years ago this month, I was in Rishikesh, in northern India, on holiday with an ex-partner.  Our accommodation overlooked the Ganga River - the view was stunning, and monkeys would regularly swing by the balcony too! Whilst there I met an astrologer from the UK [...]

Living & Loving Life: Are you doing it your way?

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Loving Life in Latex Living & Loving Life: Are you doing it your way? Living & loving life to me, as lifestyle choices, are so important.  Don't you agree? Back in 2005, 19 years ago now, I left my ex-husband at the end of a 20-year relationship.  I found myself back 'home' with [...]

Motivating a Motivational Lifestyle

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Letting the wind blow away the cobwebs and stresses of the day Motivating a Motivational Lifestyle Or, Monday Moon Motivation aka Getting My Slap On! Monday was a great day to get motivated according to my Moonology diary by Yasmin Boland.  I bought it at the end of last year as I was keen [...]

Healthy Living: Body, Mind, and Spirit or Real Ale?!

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Mud, mud, glorious mud - outdoor life is fab! Healthy Living: Body, Mind, and Spirit?! But as we're talking mud right now, do you remember the song and the lyric, 'mud, mud, glorious mud, there’s nothing quite like for cooling the blood’. I would like to add clearing the mind to that! That’s [...]

Live Your Life Authentically: Have the courage to truly be yourself

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Feeling very small with the fabulous Queenz Live Your Life Authentically Have the courage to truly be yourself.  Align with the essence of what makes you the unique individual you are: kinks, wrinkles, quirks, and more. Follow your passions and trust your instincts, your intuition. That inner knowing – that gut feeling.  Connect with all that [...]

The News – Read all about it!

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 The News - Read all about it! Good news, bad news, fake news. News, news, news. What do we believe? Who do we believe? Why should we believe? What do we want to believe? Perception is everything. The media ‘report’ what they perceive we want to watch or hear based upon viewing / reading figures [...]

2020 Vision

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  2020 Vision The phrase ‘2020 vision’ recently popped into my head and keeps playing on repeat. As such, I’ve felt a real need to get my thoughts down in writing and share the insights that have emerged from this phrase. I feel that the phrase explains EVERYTHING we need to be learning right now, [...]

Pivoting Provides and Perfects Potential

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Fresh Air & Exercise: The Norfolk Coastal Coach Walks Her Talk Unprecedented Times I’m pretty sure that being stuck at home for the unforeseeable future was certainly not on anyone’s 2020 agenda. Now, more so than ever before, it’s important to create new routines and find meaningful ways to spend our long days [...]

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