Freethinking, Unique, and Fabulous

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Freethinking, Unique, and Fabulous On Friday 2nd September, Gareth and I headed down to St Leonard’s.  We were attending the second (Freethinking, Unique, and Fabulous aka FUF) Frock Up Friday festival.  We were unable to go last year as we were at a wedding all day, although we did make an appearance via Zoom. What [...]

Taking Time to Relax

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Taking Time to Relax Or, in the words of Frankie (Goes to Hollywood), just RELAX! Just writing that title transports me back to the mid-1980s when the song ‘Relax’ was topping the charts. I was embracing a full 80s vibe with my backcombed hair, fluorescent pink boiler suit, pink headband, white belt and white heels.  [...]

How many song titles have the word ‘Happiness’ in them?

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How many song titles have the word ‘Happiness’ in them? I have just discovered that today – Monday 8th August 2022, the time of writing – is National Happiness Happens Day.  And the month of August is Happiness Happens Month! A whole month dedicated to what makes you happy, sharing your own happiness and bringing joy [...]

APE Acceptance Perspective Energy Mindset Methodology

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A Fresh Perspective and Methodology to Copy, to APE! APE Acceptance Perspective Energy Mindset Methodology Did you know that it was National Acceptance Day on Thursday 20th January? I heard about it on Radio 2 that morning and planned to write a blog post about it then. But the moment vanished, as did the following [...]

Reflecting on a decade – the 10 years that were 2009 to 2019

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An exciting decade of learning - qualifying as a Performance Coach with Simply Changing Wow – 10 years – I can’t quite believe how much I have done during this time. This is why it is good to review our achievements and realise what we’re capable of doing. There is so much that [...]

Aligning Visions with Growth

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As many of your already know, I am always on the go doing something or other! As well as running my busy recruitment business, I am a coach and an author, and also enjoy public speaking. So when an opportunity to deliver a talk, presentation or workshop presents itself, I jump at it! Earlier this [...]

Friday Fun at BBC Radio Nottingham

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Upbeat Vibes at BBC Radio Nottingham: Sarah J Naylor, Olivia Swift, Mark Dennison Just love doing my ‘Loose Lady’ stint on the Mark Dennison Show at BBC Radio Nottingham on a Friday morning. This is something I have been doing since early 2013 I think, although my first appearance on the show may [...]

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