Live Your Life Authentically: Have the courage to truly be yourself

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Feeling very small with the fabulous Queenz Live Your Life Authentically Have the courage to truly be yourself.  Align with the essence of what makes you the unique individual you are: kinks, wrinkles, quirks, and more. Follow your passions and trust your instincts, your intuition. That inner knowing – that gut feeling.  Connect with all that [...]

Freethinking, Unique, and Fabulous

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Freethinking, Unique, and Fabulous On Friday 2nd September, Gareth and I headed down to St Leonard’s.  We were attending the second (Freethinking, Unique, and Fabulous aka FUF) Frock Up Friday festival.  We were unable to go last year as we were at a wedding all day, although we did make an appearance via Zoom. What [...]

 Girl Power – showing the men how it’s done! 😊

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 Girl Power – showing the men how it’s done! 😊 What a weekend! It all started on Friday afternoon when Gareth I logged off work early to head south on the M1 to visit Lorraine, my lovely friend who I met via a Kingsmill bread competition nearly 20 years ago. You can hear us chat about [...]

😆⛺️ I didn’t realise it was a ‘festival’ festival!! ⛺️😆

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😆⛺️ I didn’t realise it was a ‘festival’ festival!! ⛺️😆 The above statement, I have to admit, is all too true!! 🙄🤣 Last year, being lovers of trail running, we (Gareth Tomlinson & myself) grabbed a pair of early bird tickets the Love Trails Festival in The Gower, South Wales. Love Trails Festival 2022 🏃🏼‍♀️ [...]

Friday Fun at BBC Radio Nottingham

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Upbeat Vibes at BBC Radio Nottingham: Sarah J Naylor, Olivia Swift, Mark Dennison Just love doing my ‘Loose Lady’ stint on the Mark Dennison Show at BBC Radio Nottingham on a Friday morning. This is something I have been doing since early 2013 I think, although my first appearance on the show may [...]

Late to the party … but hey, I’m here!

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I love music, and I also love peace and quiet. However, my music experience over the last few years has consisted of tuning into Radio 2 and occasionally Absolute 80s Radio – a somewhat limited choice! As a result, I’m not really in the loop when it comes to new music, the latest summer smash [...]

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