Walking My Talk | Shifting My Perspective

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The Norfolk Coastal Coach in Brighton - Loving All Coastlines! Perspective is Everything I love working as a coach, creating content, and sharing the wisdom I’ve gained in a myriad of ways; work, training, personal development and reading, life and more. However, whilst I share to help others, I also continually work on [...]

Mindset Mastery Focus & Flow

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Stopping, taking time to think. Mindset Mastery Focus & Flow Life really is about understanding our mindset, letting go, and, quite literally going with the flow.  Which is what I've been trying to do more of myself just recently. Last week, I got VERY frustrated with social media, the demands on my time, [...]

Motivating a Motivational Lifestyle

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Letting the wind blow away the cobwebs and stresses of the day Motivating a Motivational Lifestyle Or, Monday Moon Motivation aka Getting My Slap On! Monday was a great day to get motivated according to my Moonology diary by Yasmin Boland.  I bought it at the end of last year as I was keen [...]

Loving Life & Coaching – Mindset & Lifestyle Changes

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  The Norfolk Coastal Coach - Coaching Mindset & Lifestyle Changes Loving Life Welcome you to my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading my posts.  Thoughts, ideas and experiences continually pop into my head.  I therefore thought a blog would be a great way to share my insights and wisdom with you. [...]

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