Whatever your standpoint on the Royals, one thing is for sure, the decision that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have made in relation to their career is a HUGE one!

At the time of their announcement to step back from Royal life, I was contacted by BBC Radio Nottingham to discuss the subject on the Breakfast Show with Sarah Julian and Andy Whittaker, and talk about, among other things, what options would be available for them next. I always love going live on air, so of course I leapt at the opportunity!

To put things into perspective, ‘the Sussexes’ clearly wouldn’t have made the decision to step away without giving a great deal of thought to this themselves, and any well-meaning input from someone like myself would obviously be unnecessary, but it all makes great radio though, and I would certainly welcome the opportunity to explore options with them. As I do with anyone looking to make a career change which is going to have such a huge impact on their lives.

During the time that has elapsed since that announcement, it has become apparent that they have been forced to walk away from a lot of the work they had wanted to continue as a result of wanting to generate their own income, and no longer receive an income from the tax payer for their roles as working Royals. This is such a complex subject with so much red tape and history attached to it that I am not qualified to comment on it.

However, it does bring to light the subject of making a career change, of following your heart, of making decisions that are right for you, and not being forced into doing something that goes against your flow purely because it is expected of you, as generations of your family have done the same thing before. If that fits with your passions – brilliant; however, it is about being brave enough to break away if it doesn’t fit.

In his first speech following the announcement, and in subsequent discussions, Harry has stated that he is taking a ‘Leap of Faith’.

This is sometimes very much needed when you really want to make huge changes to your life. It reminds me of one of my coaching clients, who took his own ‘leap of faith’ some years ago following an accident, which required a major operation. Given that he needed to work 3 months’ notice, he handed it in prior to his operation so that he could ‘work his notice’ whilst recuperating, during which time he continued his coaching with me, and followed his instincts to change his career direction completely. He did just this during that time, and secured a new opportunity that he started once he was able to return to work.

I personally think that if you are passionate about something, and want to make a career change, then go for it. However, it is important to consider whether it is realistic, doable, and what you need to do to make it all happen. You might need to undertake further training, which will mean taking into account the time required to do so, and/or considering whether you could take a salary drop and get on-the-job training and study support; you may need finances to make it happen if, for example, you want to become self-employed.

Back to Harry and Meghan – they have finances available, and no doubt all nature of potential business opportunities available to them because of who they are – there are rumours that Disney have had discussions with Meghan to do voiceovers, for example.

We mere mortals can also make the changes happen if we want them enough. If you take time to consider all your options, and how you can go about making it happen, you too can take that ‘leap of faith’ to make it your reality. And hey, if it doesn’t work, you’ve tried and learned from the experience. Life, after all ,is for living and not feeling lifeless and uninspired!

Key career change tips:

  • Be passionate about the change and REALLY want to make it happen
  • Look at your options and the reality of your current situation
  • Take time out to think about how you can make it happen
  • Gain experience, if necessary, in the sector you want to work in – even if it is just a day’s work shadowing
  • Start studying if that will help – distance learning is often available
  • Be brave – have faith that if you want to make it happen, you can!