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Fresh Air & Exercise: The Norfolk Coastal Coach Walks Her Talk

Unprecedented Times

I’m pretty sure that being stuck at home for the unforeseeable future was certainly not on anyone’s 2020 agenda. Now, more so than ever before, it’s important to create new routines and find meaningful ways to spend our long days at home. If you haven’t already asked yourself, then ask yourself now: what can I be doing right now to take advantage of these unprecedented times?

We’ve seen all nature of celebs doing things you’d never have previously imagined. Only this morning, I saw Matt Lucas – of Shooting Stars (Viv Reeves and Bob Mortimer) and Little Britain fame – singing his ‘Baked Potato’ song on Twitter, which he had rewritten and recorded to raise funds for the NHS, duetting via Zoom with Brian May, of Queen fame. When would that have ever happened?!

There are such amazing collaborations arising all over the place, and creativity evolving from so many as they find ways to entertain themselves during lockdown.

Not only can we use this creativity from an entertainment perspective, we can also use this time to work on our businesses too, particularly for those of us who are self-employed. And for those who are employed, but have ideas of changing careers, or want to change direction, it really is a good time to look at things differently – and essentially pivot to bring in new opportunities.

This is where the creativity comes in – by looking at what skills and talents we have, and how we can use them in a way that is more aligned with our talents and passions.


I am currently enjoying the opportunity to focus on my coaching practice, having recognised that my recruitment business has all but ground to a halt. That said, I am still keeping in touch with my clients and working on the business from behind the scenes. For example, earlier this year, we changed our CRM system. A job that has proved to be slow and labour-intensive, but one that needs doing, and whilst work in the recruitment sector has dropped off, it is one of the activities that my PA can crack on with.  And in doing so, futureproof our business. Once the system is fully updated, we will be able to operate more efficiently as business picks up again, which it will do – it always does. There are many other things we are doing too, but this is just one example that I wanted to share with you.

So, by using this time effectively right now, rather than thinking we’ve been given the opportunity to have a long holiday, by pivoting and preparing ourselves, we will be ready for the new opportunities that will materialise moving forwards. It’s the Law of Attraction at work, which suggests that you attract back what you put out to the universe (hence the best course of action is to think and act positively and proactively, and with kindness and compassion), along with effort and a creative, mindset – taking action generates results far more than binge-watching Netflix!

And of course, pivoting has enabled me to get creative with coaching. I’m looking forward to recording videos and content for my website, webinars, programmes and YouTube. I’m having to learn a lot right now – it’s exciting and I am loving it.

Embracing Potential Changes to Progress

Whilst out recently on one of my runs, which turned in to a walk (this has happened a few times now because I am making the most of the chance to explore different routes), as I took in the beautiful views across the countryside that I am lucky to be surrounded by, I was reminded that unless we make proactive decisions to change, we will always see the same views and get the same results. Obvious I know, however, this metaphorical walk really demonstrated it to me in the most stunning way. I have known that the particular footpath I took that day was there, and that it has been there for many years, centuries no doubt, and yet I have only possibly walked along it once in my memory – and that was probably 40 plus years ago. Yet, by changing my route, deciding to walk rather than run, I experienced the morning dew that was glistening in the early morning sun, soaking through my trainers and reminding me of that chill you feel on your feet as you walk barefoot through the sea. Fresh, invigorating and inspiring.

When we pivot and choose a different path, new experiences and opportunities present themselves. Who wouldn’t want to pivot and embrace a raft of exciting new experiences?!

Top Pivoting Tips

  • Embrace the opportunity to pivot!
  • What new experiences do you want to embrace? Recognise them and take action.
  • Try taking a different path, and change the way you have always done things
  • Embrace the new experiences
  • Recognise the opportunities as they present themselves
  • Get creative
  • Communicate with your network
  • Collaborate