2020 Vision

The phrase ‘2020 vision’ recently popped into my head and keeps playing on repeat. As such, I’ve felt a real need to get my thoughts down in writing and share the insights that have emerged from this phrase. I feel that the phrase explains EVERYTHING we need to be learning right now, and in years to come, it will be how we ought to view this very tumultuous, yet incredibly special year.

At the time of writing, we are still very much in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken so many lives – 8 million globally to date, according to www.medicalnewstoday.com, as well as the global protests in support of the Black Lives Matter campaigns brought about by the death of George Floyd in the US. I will discuss this in more detail in another post; for now however, I really want to highlight how all that is happening is doing so for a reason.

And that reason is for us to take notice, to gain clarity and vision – ‘2020 vision’ in fact. This phrase denotes a sharpness and clarity of sight, and given we are in the year 2020, I feel it really sums up what we need to adopt and adapt to in order for society to evolve and progress.

And in doing so we will gain 2020 vision, both now and in reflection. The history lessons of the future will talk about how what happened in 2020 was catalytical. They will talk about the learning. They will refer to this year as the time we gained ‘2020 vision’ and how all those who live on our planet had to wake up and pivot. And in doing so started the ripple that caused a tidal wave of changes that saved the planet from destruction.

I believe that in reflection, and with all the dreadful things that are going on in the world right now, things are being brought to the surface for us to examine, to look at, to discuss, to deal with. To put new procedures into place so that we will look back at this time as a time of change. Which brings me to a poem that Emma, my fabulous friend and editor has shared with me – a poem by Leslie Dwight. At the time of writing, it had had 464,156 likes on Instagram.

What if 2020 isn’t cancelled?

What if 2020 isn’t cancelled?

What if 2020 is the year we’ve been waiting for?

A year so uncomfortable, so painful, so scary, so raw – that it finally forces us to grow.

A year that screams so loud, finally awakening us from our ignorant slumber.

A year we finally accept the need for change.

Declare change. Work for change. Become the change.

A year we finally band together, instead of pushing each other further apart.

2020 isn’t cancelled, but rather the most important year of them all.

Leslie Dwight, 2020



When I spoke this poem out loud, I found my whole body tingling and rippling with goose bumps. I see that as a message to me – that this is true, that this is what 2020 is all about.

The year 2020 is a globally and planetary historical year.

  • It is important. We all need to sit up, we all need to take note, we all need to come out of this false sense of idealism, of this materialism, of this need for perfection.
  • We’re all on a journey, one of learning, and this is a huge opportunity for us to learn globally, before we destroy the planet, before we destroy everything that is beautiful – everything that has been created, that has been delivered to us.
  • We need to stop fighting each other. We are all part of the same whole.
  • It’s about coming together; it’s about collaborating; it’s about raising that level of awareness.
  • It’s about educating people that are in positions of leadership.
  • It’s about learning from those much younger than us because they are more aware.
  • It’s about education across the board, globally – wake up.

Let’s have that 2020 vision. Let’s get clear. Let’s see this with a fresh set of eyes; let’s see this for what it’s worth. Let’s see what this thought is, and how we can bring about change and save our planet. We spend so much money on working out how we can travel to other planets, yet we don’t spend it on our own planet. We’ve got rubbish littering the streets. We’ve got oceans full of rubbish. We’ve got fumes polluting our air – there is so much more that I could talk about.

At the start of lockdown, I went out for a run several times a week, and I still do, but I noticed how in those early weeks the air was clean. I could hear the birds chattering and tweeting; it felt fresh, and it was wonderful. Now when I go out running, I can taste the fumes in the air again. I don’t hear the birdsong anymore. That’s why, more often than not, I now take part of my route through fields, because the air is cleaner, it’s fresher, and I’m in nature. I feel more peaceful, and often share my views on my live ‘outdoor’ Facebook broadcasts with my friends and my Facebook Group – Manifest Your Dream Job & Transform Your Life.

As I walk / run through the fields, I see nature evolving. At the start of lockdown, the fields appeared barren to the naked eye. But the seeds were underneath the surface, growing. Growing into wheat or whatever other crop is planted there. They start to shoot; I see the shoots. They start to develop as the shoot grows, and the fields are becoming greener and more alive with their shoots getting taller, dancing on the breeze as the wind brings the crops to life. It’s an amazing experience. And that is us – we are growing.


2020 Vision – Clarity, Perspective & Change for a New Paradigm

We’re all growing,

We need to wait to reach where we are going – it takes time and patience to come to fruition.

We need to embrace what is out there with a different pair of eyes

With eyes of 2020 vision.


We need to see things from a different perspective,

We need to think with a different perspective,

We need to look for a positive perspective,

We need to eradicate fear.

We need to eradicate the seeds that we’ve planted, the seeds that are effectively weeds,

Although we can learn from what we have done and instead we can grow new seeds.

We observe the negative seeds that have produced weeds

That we fed with fear and doubt, and worry.


Let’s plant seeds of positivity that grow healthily with positivity,

With a new frame of mind,

With that 2020 vision of knowing what we’re learning.


There is so much to be learned from 2020,

Let’s readdress ourselves; let’s put a new pair of eyes in.


Let’s embrace 2020 vision.