The News – Read all about it!

Good news, bad news, fake news. News, news, news.

What do we believe?

Who do we believe?

Why should we believe?

What do we want to believe?

Perception is everything.

The media ‘report’ what they perceive we want to watch or hear based upon viewing / reading figures which we then take in because we are fed that information. A catch-22 situation.

We can take responsibility though and make decisions.

We can switch off.

We can ignore the news that is fed to us.


Because so much news is bad news, fuelling fear and increasing anxieties through the reporting of violence, deaths, and horrific incidents. In one respect, we do need to hear this news but because we watch, listen and read all about it, we hear and see even more of the same, as we are fuelling the producers with viewing figures, which tell them what they are producing is what we want to hear. Not to mention the scandals and gossip that sell magazines …

But here’s the question.

What about the good news?

What about all the fantastic things are happening in the world?

What about all the amazing work that conservationists do; and people who look to the planet and understand the planet, and know what the planet needs and want to make the world a better place?

Where are the stories about them and what they are doing?

Why do we consistently look at negative news?

Why do we look at it?

It feeds fear, and nervousness. It doesn’t do the soul any good.

Positive news feeds the soul. It empowers and makes us feel that the world is a better place.

It’s encouraging, it’s empowering. It helps us move forward with the day, with the week, with the year.

Good news is good news, and breeds and creates more good news.

We attract back what we put out – let’s focus on putting out good news, or at the very least focus on getting a better balance of both levels of reality so we get a more realistic view of the world.

We hear news from a specific perspective, which if we take time to stop and think is not necessarily the right perspective, or even our own perspective.

Taking time to think and make assessments and decisions using our own instincts and intuition based on what feels right and congruent for us from a positive perspective is important. Making decisions based on information that makes us fearful or anxious is not where we want to be and yet sadly that is what all too often, we have forced upon us.

Take in the news for the facts and look for the good news stories.

Not the fake news stories or the social media stories that make you feel you’re not good enough, you’re not enough, or you’re never enough.

Look to the stories that are empowering. The stories that make you feel good.

Yes, the reality is that not everything is positive. However, there is learning from what is not positive. And the perspective, and the wording, and the phrasing, and the way we look at things changes how we experience them.

Look for good news. Search for good news. For what we seek, we attract back.

A good place to start may be – or even their Facebook page

Make your reality a positive reality by seeking the positive. By seeking a new perspective. By turning away from the old paradigm of bad news stories, whilst of course accepting that bad stuff does happen, that is reality.

However, it’s about what are we learning from it. Let’s understand what we can learn from it. Let’s not feed our fear.

Let’s feed our learning.

Let’s look with a fresh set of eyes.

Let’s get clarity in ‘2020 vision’.

Let’s look for the good news stories that feel positive; let’s move forward.

The world is a great place; the planet is an amazing place. We must look after it. We need to nurture it, care for it.

Embrace it, enjoy it, and see its beauty, and within its beauty we’ll see the beauty within ourselves.

Positive beauty. Nature. Nurture. Perspective.