Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!

“Jingle Bells

Batman Smells

Robin’s Run Away

The Batmobile’s Lost its Wheel

And Penguin’s Here to Stay


Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells, of course!


‘What the actual…?! Has Sarah lost the plot?’, I hear you say … wait a tick, and hear me out!

This is a rhyme from my childhood that, every so often, becomes a bit of an earworm but makes me chuckle too, as it’s so ridiculous – gotta love laughing though!

Embracing your inner child, having fun, having a laugh, and not taking life too seriously is, in my humble opinion, really good for the soul.  Life can tend to get a bit too heavy at times, particularly if you choose to listen to the news these days…

Which I don’t.

In fact, I actively avoid listening to any news reports, except for the very short bulletins that I hear when I’m in the kitchen and have the radio on.

However, I am NOT going to dwell upon the doom and gloom that listening to such reports can bring, as 95% of the time, I focus purely on the positives in life, and I love encouraging others to follow suit and view stuff from a different perspective.

There is ALWAYS another viewpoint, and invariably myriads of ways of looking at a situation that can make you generally feel happier. And this is where my point about embracing your inner child comes in.

Embracing the part of you that wants to have fun lifts the soul; it changes your vibration and that of those around you too.  My partner and I have lots in our lives that, of course, we need to take seriously. However, having fun is also high on our list of priorities.

This past weekend, for example, we took part in the Gaddesby Gallop in Leicestershire – a 5-mile trail race with lots of obstacles, mainly stiles, VERY muddy fields, cow water ponds, a culvert, and a brook to wade through too.  I managed to stay upright, although I did see one lady fall flat on her face in the cow pond – she was drenched but carried on, laughing, all the same.

When you’ve signed up for a muddy race, you KNOW you’re going to get wet and muddy and that is what makes it fun.  Since it took place on what was the last Saturday before Christmas, most of the runners were wearing red and white Santa hats, with one or two slightly more ‘dressed up’ and a few others running with music blaring out Christmas songs which they were singing along to as they ran.

(I didn’t hear ‘Jingle Bells, Batman Smells’ though!)

What I saw, and what I loved, was the sight of lots of people having lots of fun.

As I start to reflect back on 2021, a challenging year for many, with the pandemic bringing more furloughs, redundancies, and ongoing changes to employment, ranging from shortages of staff to what became dubbed the ‘Great Resignation’, and one that hasn’t been without its many difficulties for me too, including a new one as we head towards Christmas Day – my brother has just tested positive for Covid so he won’t be joining us, and it might actually mean a complete about-turn as my parents have been in close contact with him, so we need to reimagine things somewhat… – I still choose to feel grateful for being able to continue to smile and feel positive, and to be able to share my vibes with others.


I had good reason to smile earlier this week when I received this wonderful testimonial from one of my fab clients.

“Let’s just say I was not in the best place in the world when I began working with Sarah J Naylor.  I was consumed with worry, fear, distrust, low self-esteem and poor mood, and barely any confidence, with little idea on how to maximise my potential. 

In one session with Sarah, I was a different person! Yes, Sarah J Naylor is that good!

Sarah’s bigger picture, life-centred guidance rather than focusing purely on employment, coupled with an amazingly warm and genuine personality, meant that she was quickly able to assess my situation and offer advice. Sarah is a naturally positive, uplifting person who really cares and has a deep desire to help the people she works with – equal parts coach, mentor, lifeguard, listening ear and strategist, she has an amazing set of skills that she combines with her own experience and success; it’s a fabulous formula that would work for anyone.

Sarah not only pointed me in the direction I really wanted in life but has continued to support me throughout the massive amount of success I am now experiencing thanks to our sessions together.  I would not be where I am now without her guidance. If you are looking at changing not just your career, but your whole life and outlook, then Sarah J Naylor is essential in helping you start and/or continue that journey.”

Rob Beers, England Athletics Event Performance Coach, Rob Beers Coaching & Fitness

Reading this makes me truly happy as it reaffirms that what I do as a Life and Career Transformation Strategist works.

I’ve been self employed since 2009, and when you are your own boss, you have to keep motivating yourself on an ongoing basis. Any words of support and encouragement from clients really do make a HUGE difference.  Thank you so much, Rob!

And so we head towards Christmas Day at a rate of knots…

Let me take this opportunity to wish you well and to enjoy this time, whether you are alone, or with family or friends – who knows what the coming year has in store in this crazy world, but please do look for the positives in any event. Laugh loads, watch some rubbish on TV, or even take time to listen to my podcast!

Happy Christmas to you all!!

Lots of love

Sarah xx