A Fresh Perspective and Methodology to Copy, to APE!

APE Acceptance Perspective Energy Mindset Methodology

Did you know that it was National Acceptance Day on Thursday 20th January?

I heard about it on Radio 2 that morning and planned to write a blog post about it then. But the moment vanished, as did the following few days!

In the spirit of acceptance, I have accepted that those days vanished although my desire to write about it did not.  So here goes!

Acceptance is such a powerful trait to take on board. The more we accept what we can and cannot change, the more empowered we become rather than wasting valuable time that we can’t ever get back.

Once time has gone, it’s gone.

At some point last year, as I was reflecting on the previous Covid-fuelled year of changes, I recognised what I had personally accepted – how I had changed my perspective and channelled my energy to plough through and survive. And, as I reflected further, I realised that I have been using this approach throughout all my life.

I also recall my dad, when I was getting divorced 17 years ago, telling me that you can only deal with the cards you are holding at that moment in time.

It stayed with me.

As a side note, I hope that he still follows this wisdom at the aged of 87.  He is currently in hospital following a stroke brought on by a blood clot; he has also picked up Covid although thankfully not too badly.  And, whilst he had been isolated in a small room on his own as a result, he is now back on the main ward and getting bored, which is I am sure a good sign! Get well soon, Dad! 🥰

As I realised and acknowledged the techniques that I had been using, I created an acronym to promote them, and thus my APE Mindset methodology™ was born! It received trademark status in December too! 🤩

The acronym stands for Acceptance, Perspective, Energy.

APE Graphic

APE Mindset Methodology

Accept what you can and cannot change, shift your perspective, and channel your energy into what is working for you and where you will see results.

I talk more about it in one of my Harnessing Happiness podcast episodes.  Naturally, I incorporate it into my talks and coaching too.

Try it today in relation to anything that you are finding challenging and let me know how you get on.  To find out more about the way I work, please do get in touch here.

I know I can overdo it sometimes, but, in short, my time disappeared because I was catching up with some friends over a Chinese meal on Friday night, running as a ‘tourist’ at the Watermead parkrun with Gareth on Saturday morning, and then we both attende the National Running Show on Sunday.

We’d spotted a promotion on Facebook a few weeks ago and had been lucky enough to bag a couple of complimentary tickets.

It was great doing something different for a change.

A Running Mindset

Gareth and myself meeting Eileen Jones at the NEC Running Show

Meeting Eileen Jones at the NEC Running Show

It was great discovering new brands, bumping into friends, new and old, including Eileen Jones who I’ve only very recently been introduced to via the powers of Facebook, mutual connections and synchronicity!!

Eileen has written a book entitled ‘How parkrun has changed our lives’. I can’t wait to start reading my copy, and I’m excited accepted my invitation to be a Harnessing Happiness podcast guest too. You can listen to it here.

You never know who is going to cross your path, or when. As such, it’s about being alert, remaining curious about the opportunities that arise, and most importantly, taking notice and acting upon them! Otherwise, they simply pass you by!

I had fab parkrun discussions with Eileen, interesting chats with business owners, an listened to a great live chat with Damian Hall, a carbon-negative ultra-runner, coach and author: https://www.badboyrunning.com

A talk at the NEC Running Show

Opportunities lead to fabulous experiences if you choose to take notice and act upon them! ❤️


Points to Note

  • Be alert, pick up on opportunities and act when you spot them (if they feel in alignment, of course); you never know where they will lead you and what experiences you will have as a result.
  • Be aware of time and use it mindfully, whether you are busy doing stuff or busy spending time just being. Which is equally important.
  • Look after your health: mind, body, and spirit.
  • Focus your energies on the stuff you love doing and be around people who raise your vibe, not those that pull you down.
  • Be aware, there are messages for you everywhere, from a chance conversation on the radio that resonates, to an opportunity to interact on social media that then sets off a chain reaction of connections that takes you further along your journey.
  • Enjoy being aware and in the moment.
  • Build rapport through finding common ground.