Observations, curiosity, and learning …

When I spend time reflecting, I realise that how I glean information today is something I have done all my life.

Over the years, I’ve always taken note of stuff that ‘speaks’ to me as important.  I’ve listened and grabbed nuggets from books or magazines that I’ve read; from conversations that I’ve had, overheard, tuned into on the radio or TV; from training I’ve undertaken, and from my own personal observations and experiences.  The list is endless.

In short, if it’s sounded important, if it’s resonated, if it’s something that I can learn and evolve from (whether I have realised it or not at the time), I’ve tucked it away in my subconscious for future reference.

I’ve also observed over the years that whilst I’ve noted stuff down, I’ve also never been someone who follows another, worships popstars (well, I did have Donny Osmond on my wall when I was 8 years old and other bands as I got older, including Adam and the Ants…) or film stars.  I’ve never had obsessions.  I’ve never had anyone that I’ve wanted to copy, although I’ve always been inspired by those who are true to themselves.

In short, I have followed my own path.  I’ve been curious and open-minded for as long as I can remember, and even though I kind of lost myself during my married years, I was still doing other stuff from which I built up my knowledge bank, ranging from learning how to unscrew painted up screws and take a door off its hinges to attending trade shows, bookkeeping, and lots of other practicalities besides.

And that is very much how I still operate to this day.

I saw a post recently on social media whereby someone was asking for book recommendations for his daughter, who was embarking on her own personal development journey.  Book recommendations are great. I’ve read SO many books over the years. I could read before I started school, I used to spend all my pocket money on books (including snapping up bargain Enid Blyton books in a shop in Abersoch while on our annual family holiday, many of them old stock as the prices were usually less than what they would have cost back home at the time, so it was a great opportunity to find those that I’d not read – yes, I loved a bargain then as much as I do now!)

Whilst I wholeheartedly love book recommendations, I also think that there is nothing better that going into a book shop and heading to the section where the shelves are stocked with the type of reading material you enjoy, and just taking them off the shelf, reading the back cover, and selecting what ‘speaks’ to you.  That’s how I’ve bought and read many books over the years.

Right, I need to get back on track with the message that I am attempting to convey – I think I’m doing a Ronnie Corbett (Google him if you are wondering who I am talking about; he told the most incredible rambling stories!)

My point is that it’s about listening and learning and saving what is important.  It’s about making your own decisions in life rather than being told what to believe by someone else.

I used to stand my ground with my ex-husband all the time, as he believed that everything he believed was the way everyone else ‘should’ think and behave because he felt that he was right.

Let me make it plain and simple – we are ALL unique individuals with our own range of talents, skills, and expertise, with an ability to think and speak for ourselves.  In my humble opinion, it’s about navigating a journey to learn and evolve, taking knowledge from whatever situation you are in, or whatever book you read, or conversation you overhear or are involved in, and take the learning.  Store the info away for the future.  It’s not about forcing opinions down another person’s throat.  It’s about bringing together our abilities, collaborating, working together as a whole, and evolving.

As people evolve and share their learnings, some may shout them down, as they are fearful of change, of what that might mean they need to do themselves in order to progress, which is why, when you do embark on a personal development journey, there can be a loss of friends along the way.  Not always – those who really want what’s best for you will support and cheer you along. Those who don’t understand will criticise and sadly try to pull you down or discredit you in some way.

I choose personally to be around people who are positive and uplifting. I’ve done my time in challenging relationships and now embrace all that feels great, and love to share my positive energy with others.

I will never force anyone to think my way.

My aim in life is to inspire and motivate and raise the energy of those around me; to help clients, friends, family, connections, and even those I don’t know find a way to the happiness I now have in my life.

I remain curious, interested, excited about life, and trust in my ability to think for myself and make the right decisions.  That’s not to say the outcome is always what I expect but I accept what could be perceived as a bad decision by viewing the learning instead.

What have I learned in reflection?

  • This was a reflective post!
  • I take the elements that I need in life that resonate and discard the rest.
  • I am not a follower.
  • Am I leader? A question for another day – what do you think? I wouldn’t pertain to give myself such a title!
  • I have ALWAYS loved reading!
  • Trusting myself, my decisions, my instinct, and going with the flow makes life a lot easier.
  • I have loved the journey I have taken over the years to find myself, and I am still learning and evolving.
  • Life is exciting.
  • I love books and need more time to read them – roll on a long holiday somewhere so that I read all the books I have piled up, waiting!
  • I love, embrace, and support everyone who follows their path of being true to their authentic true self.
  • Acceptance is a magical trait, and collaboration is the way forward.