A VERY muddy trail run brings forth muck and mindset shifts!

On Sunday 27th November 2022, Gareth and I went out for a 10km / 6-mile trail run in and around Long Clawson, Leicestershire. OMG! It was SO muddy in places, and we ran through loads of overgrown vegetation. How I didn’t end up looking like a full-on mud wrestler I’ll never know, given the number of times I nearly took a tumble on the uneven, slippery, bramble-catching, badger-holed terrain! 😆 And as for 6 miles, according to the OS map I was using to track footpaths and record our run, we actually did 7.4 miles! Yikes!

What great fun though – gorgeous countryside and loads of fresh air! 😍

Getting out for a long run was much needed for both of us, as this year has presented so many challenges that have really tested our resilience and we still aren’t over them, so getting a good dose of endorphins has never been more vital! However, having taken the decision a week ago to revert to my mindset set of old, and one that is far healthier and good for my overall wellbeing, I’ve surrendered and accepted that what will be will be, and that everything is working out as it’s meant to. All will be well.

For many years, my go-to mindset has been ‘everything is working out wonderfully’. However, as mentioned, it’s taken some hammering this year, as you will know if you read my blog posts regularly.

I’ve been doing all that I can to push forwards to make stuff work. I’ve been following instructions to the best of my ability to get results which, quite frankly, haven’t materialised as predicted.

The reason stuff wasn’t working was because I was out of alignment. Yes, I have learned loads of stuff along the way, however, the biggest takeaway has come in the shape of a massive wake-up call to get back to doing things my way. Everything happens for a reason; however, this last wake-up call has taken several years to knock into my head.


Good question.

The answer is that I am still human, and I have become caught up in world of pressure on so many business owners to go ‘all out’ on social media marketing, networking, pushing forwards to ‘sell’ your services, products, or whatever it is that you do in business. Now, in the past I was always successful without this presence, and I know a lot of people who are still successful without an ongoing presence on social media too. It’s a tool, a technique, an area in which you can raise your profile, but it is one of many, it’s not the one and only answer to everyone’s business needs.

To be honest, it took some shifting to regain this composure, and the weekend trail run cemented that feeling. Letting go, trusting, surrendering, stopping pushing, making decisions that would give me some breathing space, believing in myself again, going with my natural flow and all that feels right for me.

I was reminded, ironically via a post on social media by a new acquaintance, of the difference between riches and wealth. Being rich is very much about money, however, being wealthy means so much more. It is, in fact, very different to being rich.

Wealth is the richness of your life, how you live it, who you share it with, family and friends, experiences, and so much more. You can have a wealthy lifestyle without money, although there is no denying the experiences and pleasures that money can obviously buy. Wealth comes from within though, how you perceive all that you have, and the richness can follow when you also value all that you already have.

I’ve known for years that striving for money alone is not me – it never has been and never will be.  Working in recruitment, I could have made far more money, if I only cared about money. I was, and still am, more focused on ensuring that my clients are happy than prioritising my ability to make money out of them.  Very early on in my career I realised that it was important to be mindful of my actions as they played a part in someone else’s life.  And that continues with my work as a coach today.

I know how transformational coaching is, both personally and through the changes that my clients have made whilst working with me; however, it is not for me to highlight all that is wrong with potential clients’ lives in order for them to work with me. That is out of alignment with being a coach. It certainly doesn’t make me good at marketing or sales. And that, I believe, is why marketeers are good at marketing into small businesses and why coaches don’t like marketing. Marketeers are doing what they’re good at and believe in, nothing wrong with that at all, but a good coach focuses on the positives for their clients, which is why creating content that highlights their ‘pain points’ to get business doesn’t sit well with me at all. Maybe I am the odd one out. However, I have to follow my flow and do what is right for me and I will always encourage everyone to do what is right for them too.

Back to riches and wealth.

Wealth is a about mindset, values, enjoying life, being with family, friends, experiences that you’ll hold dear for life – yes, money helps big time, but without happiness and that wealth of life, it’s soulless.

You can, of course, have both when you go with the flow, be yourself and follow the opportunities that resonate as they come your way.

That’s where I find myself right now and it feels like I’ve come back home to me.

How are you experiencing life right now?

If you want to make changes and are ready to start taking action, then drop me a message or book in a call and let’s chat https://calendly.com/sarahjnaylorcoaching/

I promise it won’t involve getting muddy! 😆

P.S. You can kick-start your life at any time – mine started to change dramatically 17 years ago, at the age of 39.  That makes me 57 now, and I’m having the best time ever!

Trust me when I say, ‘You’re never too old!’

I always love to wrap up my posts with a reflection section, so here goes:

  • My instinct and intuition are mine to trust – I don’t need ANY further training from anyone else TELLING me to do it their way.
  • I am far happier now that I have removed all that was stressing me.
  • Social media marketing is a great way to raise your profile, but in all reality the money is made by those who are marketing courses to other small businesses (and this is rife within the coaching world) who are then encouraged to sell their services in the same way. Which doesn’t work because a coach is working with an individual not a business.
  • I love coaching and working with my clients, and I love focusing on where they can get to with my help.
  • I love the results I get.
  • Focusing on negatives makes me unhappy. ☹
  • Being out of alignment with my true north (thank you to Liz Abram for that one) hasn’t been good for business.
  • Being back in alignment, trusting my instinct and intuition feels VERY good.
  • I love the dance I have with my varied workload and navigating the ever-changing priorities to ensure that I keep all the different aspects of my businesses ticking over.
  • I love writing, creating content, articles and more … at my pace. I am 57 and I don’t need or want the hustle that I might have / did enjoy when I was 20 years old.
  • I am still learning and evolving.
  • Shoot me if I sign up for any more training that I don’t need! Or want!
  • I am human. I have learned loads. I am not knocking anyone for doing what they are great at, but absolutely know that I must follow my instinct and do things my way. A way that feels right to me and has always worked for me in the past.

If you’d like to book a chat, please do so using this link https://calendly.com/sarahjnaylorcoaching/

Lots of love

Sarah xx