Holy Moly! That’s another week gone!

I love writing material for my blog and I really do try my hardest to do this in a timely fashion each week, but writing blog content is not all that I love – I love doing SO much, which means most weeks become packed to the hilt with loads of goings-on, and the blog post writing can become a tad last minute.

But here it is! I made it (just in time)!

I’ll admit right now that this is probably going to be a short post. However, I also know what I am like – once I get typing and the words start flowing, I can easily find myself staring at a couple of A4 pages!

Last week was crazy busy. I’d been getting to grips with the fall out I had with my son, which was the subject of last week’s post – all about narcissism. You can read it here, if you haven’t already done so.

I have had SO much feedback off the back of this, including conversations in person, texts, and messages via the usual social media channels. It is a topic I am going to do more work around; stay tuned for updates on my progress. Suffice to say, I ‘lost’ a day which I dedicated to a spot of catharsis in the form of a brain dump on the Monday and then for the remainder of the week, I was ‘out, out’, visiting clients with my recruitment hat on, and then running around like the proverbial fly on catch-up when back in the office.

By Friday, I was busy preparing for our friends to visit, and whilst out buying cat food, I received a call from the estate agent regarding a house viewing, as mine is on the market right now. Could they visit this afternoon?

Yes, of course!

(You don’t turn down potential viewers!)

Anyway, the house was already fairly clean and tidy on account of our friends arriving. It did still mean that I had some last-minute bits to do, including turfing the cats off the unmade bed.  Seriously, it’s like a ‘shift change’ in the morning. We get up, the cats are then allowed in the bedroom (we’re in a bungalow and they’re not allowed in with us overnight as they’d keep us awake with their ‘grooming into scrapping routine’) and take over the bed before we’ve had time to make it on a regular basis. And this had been one of those mornings.

I had also arranged to pop in to see my parents prior to this call.

Suffice to say, I was on low battery mode by 5pm. I had to listen to my body and stop.

Later that evening, our friends, Lorraine and Paul arrived for the weekend. We had a fabulous weekend with them and kick-started Saturday with our local parkrun, and post-run socialising. We then spent the afternoon locally, bimbling around the shops and chatting, catching up and having an all-round fabulous weekend.

Conversations included the one around the time I met Lorraine. Which was by the side of a pool in the Orvieto region of Italy. We had both won a cookery competition run by Kingsmill bread. This was about 20 years ago, and the conversation revolved around trying to recall the exact date! Suffice to say, we’ve been firm friends ever since. I recorded a podcast with Lorraine last year.

Then suddenly we launched into this week. Which is vanishing again at a rate of knots.

So far, fitness-wise I’ve done 2 trail runs with Gareth, yoga, and a turbo session whilst he headed out on what ended up being a 100-mile bike ride with a friend. Gareth is on annual leave this week. I so wish I could simply take time off work, but that is the downside of self-employment, being an entrepreneur, businesswoman, call-me-what-you-will (although please keep it nice)! The plus side, of course, is that I do have a great deal of flexibility in what I do work-wise and how I work those hours.

Which brings me back to how my week vanishes.

In addition to the fitness stuff, I have been dealing with recruitment clients, working on new and existing vacancies, writing ads, speaking to candidates, arranging interviews, searching for CVs, sorting out invoicing, responding to coaching enquiries, undertaking coaching sessions, recording guest and ‘Happy Clappy’ episodes for my Harnessing Happiness podcast, and suddenly tidying up again for another impromptu house viewing.

Love it all, however, it does mean that I am juggling a lot all at the same time. Which again I do love but I do have to keep an eye on how much I am doing. Last night, I had to walk away from my computer much earlier than planned. My brain was bushed. I simply took myself to the sofa and sat quietly prior to yoga.


Oh, there’s more! We also went to see ‘Antman & the Wasp’ at the cinema. Gareth introduced me to the brilliance of Marvel films when we met and is forever explaining the characters within the Marvel universe to me. I just like watching. We ended up heading out for a quick bite to eat too, not something we usually do at all, but now and again, it’s the right thing to do when you need to eat.

Seeing as I am writing this post at the 11th hour, I should bring it to a close as I still have to write copy for my podcast episode that goes out at the end of this week, and I’ve a shed load of candidates to find for jobs too.

Quick reflection:

I do love the variety of stuff in my life.

I love my friends and my wide network of incredible contacts.

I am grateful, and I appreciate all that I have and that I continue to work towards achieving.

It’s good to listen to your body and know that is okay to stop.

It’s more than okay to stop – part of being able ‘to do’ is also knowing when to stop and recharge too.

Taking a break on Wednesday afternoon despite a heavy workload, and then heading out for a trail run on Thursday morning rather than going to my desk, has done me the power of good and I feel back on top again.

We can never get time back, so it is important to make the most of the time we have, but being mindful of the fact that we can’t do everything.

I think I’ve created so much variety in my life enabling me to do a bit of everything that I love doing. When some stuff naturally comes to an end, I will be able to pick up other stuff.

This short blog post ended being a long one again – I am so predictable!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Please do keep reaching out and feeding back to me, and do share your stories and experiences.

Lots of love

Sarah xx