an orange sunset over the sea and beach: excitement expansion

Evening sunset over Heacham: excitement expansion and radiating happiness across the seashore.

Quantum Realm

I’m focusing on exciting expansion plans for a happier, healthier, & wealthier life in 2024, which has in part inspired this blog. Look up and around you, take note of your surroundings and all that is happening.  Inspiration is everywhere when you make a conscious decision to take notice.

I decided that my words for 2024 would be excitement and expansion, with the addition of simplicity.

I am mindful to remind myself of them daily as where your ‘focus goes energy flows’.  So, exciting expansion plans it is then.

Now, bearing in mind what I’ve just said imagine to my surprise, (although it’s not when you do bear the above in mind!) when I read one of Kyle Gray’s angel card readings that I receive daily via Instagram at the weekend.

“This is a light immersion. You are experiencing a full‑system upgrade. The infinite solar light of the Hathors is surrounding you now. This is a time of expansion and excitement. You are filled with unlimited potential. The gifts that were once in darkness are now being brought into the light. The parts of yourself that were once hidden are now being seen. Life is being restored. If you have been experiencing sluggishness or tiredness, this is now being washed away. Something ancient has awakened within and you are remembering why you are here. Welcome home to your light.”

Note the reference to excitement and expansion, exciting stuff!

It’s so empowering, heartening, and inspiring, to know that I am on the right track.

What is your focus for 2024?

What assistance do you need in establishing / facilitating those intentions?

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Next stop, Dr Joe Dispenza!

Dr Dispenza’s books have been regularly recommended to me.

Finally, after SO many changes last year, and in alignment with my plans for 2024, I decided to order ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’.

And I am so pleased that I did.


It’s really reminded me of all that I already know, e.g. that we are all energy, and that our thoughts influence our reality etc., and have implemented into my life for decades.  Only it’s written in his language not mine. It’s the stuff that I share with my coaching clients, and now I’m learning more too, which is awesome.

A few years ago, I coined the following phrase:

“Life is an illusion of your own creation.”

And that goes some way to describe the quantum realm as I understand it.

In his book, Dr Dispenza states that the quantum field doesn’t respond simply to our wishes (our emotional requests), and it doesn’t just respond to our aims (our thoughts) it only responds when both are aligned or coherent (when they’re broadcasting the same signal). In short,

the quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being’.

Which is why it’s so important to get clarity on what we want to achieve and for that to be in alignment with our talents / passions because once we’re aligned, we’re happier, healthier, and wealthier too.

Which is what, I’m sure you’d all agree with me, equates to success?

A Wealthier Life

And by wealthier, I mean a richness of life not specifically a bulging bank account, although money is simply an energy too.

It’s important to have clarity and an understanding of what we want to achieve in life.  What we would like to manifest, how we want our lives to look. However, letting go of the how and surrendering to the unpredictability of the quantum field is where the magic happens.

We are pretty much made of energy and nothing else.  It’s just the atoms vibrating that create the solid mass that we present to the world. Having an intention and ‘expecting the unexpected’ delivers results in exciting and ‘magical’ ways.

You could reference The Law of Attraction.  The quantum realm however takes this so much further and into the world of science.

I posted the essence of this newsletter on LinkedIn and had some fascinating & insightful comments:

Such a powerful post and I totally agree Inspiration is everywhere – I am going to go back and read again your post.. I have heard of Dr Dispenza and listened to a few of his You Tube videos but never read his books. I just might do this in 2024.”

“Love your positive words for 2024.”

“I can’t wait to have a walk together on that beautiful coast!”

“Wow! Where to start with this? I just love the blank sheet of a New Year. My mantra at the moment is ‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll be where you’ve always been.’ That is my motivation to resist comfort and complacency!”

I love sharing insights to inspire whether that is stuff I’ve read, learned formally, or the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gained through life in general, and always do so when coaching too.

Your Dream Life

Given that you have the power within you to change everything and to create the life you want to live, what would your life look like?

It takes quite a lot to get your head around if it’s not a subject you’re familiar with however, it is one that I would wholeheartedly encourage you to embrace and learn more about as it will free your mind, body and soul and help you to live a happier and healthier life, one that is rich in its beauty of being.

I had to surrender several times over the course of 2023 and latterly in relation to our house move.  When I let go, suddenly everything fell into place, and we moved to Norfolk in December.

I’m now appreciating and feeling grateful for all that I know is a possibility with the right focus and heartfelt desires.

If you’d like to talk to me more about any of the above, coaching or the walk and talk coaching sessions that I am now offering too then please do get in touch here.

Top Tips

Be mindful of your words, thoughts, and actions – they create your reality.

When negative thoughts crop up reframe them by looking at the positive slant instead.

When a situation is working out for you take note and work out what lesson it’s teaching you.

Do things differently on a regular basis.

Visualise your ideal outcomes and feel them being your reality, really feel them and then let go, surrender to the outcome, and expect the unexpected!

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