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Taking a break – allowing my thoughts to flow

Living Life and Learning

“It’s Not the Destination it’s the Journey”, I love this infamous quote – it’s so true.

Where does it come from though?

Well, true to form, I nipped on Google and discovered that it’s attributed to Ralph ‘Waldo’ Emerson, an American philosopher, poet, and essayist. He was born over 200 years ago (1803 – 1882) and went on to become an ordained minister before achieving worldwide fame as a lecturer and author.

Life is, in my humble opinion, very much about the journey. The destination helps with navigating that journey though.

Having a ‘bigger picture’ in place, an intention, a desired outcome, or a goal, helps guide us (find out more in another blog here). After all, you’d never leave the house and head out and hope to get somewhere specific without knowing where you were headed would you?

And you can get there via various means too from walking, running, using a car, public transport, and then there are different routes you can choose, and you can still divert along the way.

And so, it with life too.

The journey we head out on provides learning and progression. It enables us to gather wisdom and enlightenment if we choose to take note and observe.  And there is so much to experience along the way.

Do you want help facilitating your journey? 

I can help in so many different ways – get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Life can leave you feeling frustrated and frazzled, your mind is in a spin, overwhelm can take over and have you pulling your hair out.

Life can be frustrating and overwhelming!

Getting Practical

On a more practical, and less philosophical level, I’ve been fiddling about with WordPress on the back end of

Bear with me, it is all part of the journey – honestly.

I recently had a meeting with John, an SEO specialist, and a new contact, introduced to me another great contact via LinkedIn.  John ran some reports which he fed back to me whilst also giving me some great advice to improve performance which I am now putting into action.

In short, I’m checking through, and editing all my blog posts, of which there are a lot (you can see how many here) as I hadn’t realised that they weren’t fully SEO optimised. Oops!

I’m reworking the headings and content to ensure that the pesky green traffic light goes on.  It’s a slow old job but I am, I think, getting quicker and slowly making these all-important adjustments.

And this is where it’s all part of the journey.

I’m learning.

In the process of writing this blog / newsletter I am being very mindful, ensuring that it’s coded, and cross references content, including for example my contact information here.

Hey. I’d love you to click all the links just so that I can see what happens – go on, indulge me.

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Shining a Light on You, Sarah J Naylor

Copy That!

I have recently purchased in alignment with my new branding and thought I’d need a completely new website. However, again with John’s advice (🙏🏼) I’m going to have it redirected and set up as a page on

I do need to write the copy for it though which I will then be whizzing over to my fab friend / copy writer, Emma Sasai, to proof-read and tweak as necessary.  We work SO well together.

We met via a networking group in 2016 and she helped me to create my first book, Shining a Light on You, How to Manifest Your Dream Job.  She also helped me to edit the chapter I wrote in a book collaboration that became an Amazon number one best seller too.

Apparently, we exchanged 4000 emails during the process.

Good grief.

I then turned it into ‘Manifest Your Dream Job’ an online course back in 2021.  In fact, I will be running a promotion later this year when I change the hosting location as I am keen for more people to benefit from it based upon the feedback I’ve received: testimonials.

Sarah by the sea with her hand in her hair looking upwards in thought - thinking about life

Thinking about Life, the Journey, and everything.

Bite Sized Chunks

You may think that I have gone off topic a little, however, it has been to demonstrate a fraction of the stuff I need to get sorted in addition to coaching, and hosting Get Connected Norwich and my Harnessing Happiness 4 Life workshops.

All of which could be quite overwhelming.  However, I am applying the ‘bite sized chunks’ coaching tool / technique.  In short, breaking everything down into smaller chunks to remove the overwhelm.  Essentially, the Meta and Milton models that are frequently used in NLP / coaching.

If something seems too big, break it down into small chunks, if you have too many small elements and can’t see where they will lead, chunk them up so that you can see the bigger picture.


Sarah & Gareth together by the sea

Loving our Life Together, the Journey too!

Enjoy the Journey

The most important thing though is to remember to enjoy the journey!

Those bite sized chunks of achievement are where you will get your dopamine hit which lift your spirits and keep you going.

I know personally that each time I finish tweaking a blog and see the traffic light turn green I get a hit for sure – yay!!

  • Where do you want your journey to take you?
  • Whereabouts are you on the way to your destination?
  • Have you ever considered coaching to help you facilitate all you want to achieve?

Grab a chat with me here and I can explain to you in more detail how I can help even if it means simply giving you some free advice.

Top tips:

  • If something seems overwhelming, stop, take a breath, and break it down into bite sized chunks.
  • Make sure those chunks are manageable and achievable and state them out loud.
  • Celebrate, even if it’s just a very loud YESSS when you’ve completed a small task along the way.
  • Be kind to yourself – we can’t do everything all of the time and nor can we please everyone all of the time either.
  • Be passionate about your desired outcomes.
  • Network, make new contacts, have meetings, you never know what messages / advice you might receive.
  • Be grateful and appreciate all that you have.
  • Live in the present whilst creating and stepping into the reality of your bigger picture.
  • Have fun: live, love, and laugh – a lot!

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