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Stopping, taking time to think.

Mindset Mastery Focus & Flow

Life really is about understanding our mindset, letting go, and, quite literally going with the flow.  Which is what I’ve been trying to do more of myself just recently.

Last week, I got VERY frustrated with social media, the demands on my time, the new rollouts that LinkedIn have well, rolled out!  And so much more. I’m sure you know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be if you allow it to get to you. Which, in all transparency, I’d allowed it to do to me … argh!!

I realised that I needed to ‘get out of my own way’.

Ironically, this was something that I had literally just written about on LinkedIn in my my belated Valentine’s Day post. In short, I talk about my relationship with Gareth and how I had to ‘get out of my own way’ and when I did the magic happened.  I talk about divorce, being single for 5 years, shifting my perspective, walking The Camino de Santiago etc., within a limited word count of course.  I’ve talked in more detail about my background / history and living and loving life in previous blogs.

I finished the LinkedIn post with this statement:-  I shifted my mindset and haven’t looked back. ❤️

Going with the Flow

However, it was following this post, the interactions around it and other posts, and LinkedIn’s new algorithms, in addition to all those that all social media platforms force you down, that made me stop.  And think to myself, ‘no, enough is enough’. Don’t get me wrong, I love embracing social media, however, its important for our own mental health and wellbeing, that we put in some boundaries in place too.

We can’t do everything all of it all the time. It’s NOT possible.

Over the last few weeks I’ve also been trying get my website and blogs more SEO compliant.  I’ve been learning more about Google Business, and writing copy for my new website too.  So much stuff going on, and with all the new stuff it was just too much.

However, I then broke a promise I’d made to myself to stay off LinkedIn for a couple of weeks.


Well, my fab web designer, emailed me to let me know that was now live. I was over the moon and had to shout about it!!  It highlights my Walk and Talk coaching sessions in Norfolk that I now run in addition to online & in person coaching in the UK, and internationally.

So again, I had to get out of my own way.

Getting Out of My Own Way

Firstly, to stop myself from putting myself under pressure to post on social media. It really isn’t the be all and end all after all.  And secondly, to trust my instinct in overriding that decision.  The excitement was filling me full of fresh energy.

Interestingly, I’ve been hearing more and more people using similar phrases to this one of mine:

  • ‘I had to get out of my own way.’
  • ‘I had to get over myself.’
  • ‘Something had to give.’

It’s when you stop, take notice, and decide to do something about it and start doing things differently that naturally you then start getting different results.

Allowing energy to flow, to do what it does best, rather than trying control and regulate stuff.  Which was one of my frustrations relating to social media algorithms.  They are manipulating the user to create and interact in a way of their (LinkedIn etc.) choosing.  They are after all a business and yes, I’m sure if you work with their algorithm, you’ll get set results.

My take on this though is yes, you might increase your likes but it doesn’t mean that you’ll increase whatever it is that you are aiming to achieve because you’re trying to control the outcome.

Know Yourself

Knowing yourself, getting clear and knowing what you want to achieve, and then letting go of trying to control the outcome simply by trusting and acting upon opportunities as they present themselves with a synchronicity is the way forward.  Going with the flow.  Working within the quantum zone.

It’s worth noting that opportunities don’t always present themselves in the way you’d expect them to and it may require a leap of faith and trust.  However, if they’re aligned, and it feels right, go for it.  I have done so myself so many times.  It’s when I let go the magic happens and everything falls into place.

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